This is a game about fighting the demons tormenting a ninja during his meditation. He's so strong that the enemies can't hurt him at all, unfortunately he's standing over a pit of lava. So dash into demons to stay airborne and rack up a combo by chaining dashes between enemies.  

Post-Jam Update:

  • Added highlights for when you're aiming at an enemy in dash range as well as more slow-motion
  • Sprites become darker when they're further away
  • Added comic book action words because I thought it was fun
  • Fixed the graphical glitch
  • The sword becomes whiter the less range there is to your dash
  • Reworded the tutorial

Please leave any feedback on the new update, I haven't had much time to test it because of uni work. So if there's anything wrong please let me know.

The first idea when give the prompt "Less is more" was a game where it becomes more difficult the fewer enemies there are. This lead to the idea of a platformer where you have to constantly jump on enemies.

But I thought of this when my hype for Cyber Shadow was at maximum, so I had ninjas on the brain, and I thought of a FPS game where you jump using a Genji-style dash. Thus I made this game.

Then I decided I'd try to fit more "Less is more" features in, like how the more dashes you do, the less distance you travel, and then the combo system where you gain WAY more points for chaining dashes without a break.

Honestly, this was the most fun I've ever had making a game jam game - even though I am severely sleep deprived. Mainly because this is just my type of game. But, I also learnt how to add tons of stuff to my games that I've never made before, like an options menu, intro animation, I MADE A FONT. I've been trying to figure that out for ages, and I finally did.

All of the assets and code were made from scratch over the course of the game jam by me. The programs I used are as follows:

  • I used blender and aseprite for the art
  • I used audacity and bosca ceoil for the music and sound
  • I used unity for coding and everything

So overall, I really want to thank BlackThornProd for hosting this game jam. It's the best experience I've had in a game jam yet.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Arcade, First-Person, Pixel Art


Rising Smoke 23 MB

Install instructions

There's a standalone version for windows at home, download the zip and extract the application file.


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i thought 80.000 points would be good before seeing your video..

It´s very cool

Thanks, I appreciate it :D

you´re welcome

Really cool game man, well done!

Thanks a lot! :)

very fun

Thanks! :D

This game is very better. Love the fast paced and this is a great one. 

Thanks for making a video on it! That’s awesome! I’m glad you liked it :D

I loved this game! The one problem I found was my mouse stopped when it went to the side or top of the screen even when I was in the first person mode. I'm not sure if thats my computers problem or the games.

Thanks a lot, I've had that problem too, I think the only fix is to use the downloaded version.

really good game, I love it

Very fun and something that I will definitely come back to very often. Will update when I get 100x streak


Hey guys! Check out this AMAZING run I went on when testing out the new version!!!


By far best game of the jam.


Thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked it :D



Whoa, what a gamer! 

This game is fantastic my guy. You could totally sell this game and i would buy it lmao. Like somekind of level system instead of this arcade mode like somekind of doom mode. That would be awesome my guy keep up the good work.

Thanks! I'm thinking about doing a post-jam version with levels. Quite a few people have commented that they'd like it to be level-based. I've never really done much level design which is why I went with an arcade mode for the jam.

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good arcade

Whoa, you made a video playing it! Awesome! Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

best game i've played so far, did you do all this from scratch? If so, that's impressive.

Yeah I spent pretty much all my free time (and some of the time when I supposed to be doing uni work, shh) this week working on it :) It was a real challenge but I'm super happy with the result

same xd I dropped some school work for mine